Sprint Through the Bible

“I’ve tried to start reading the Bible from the beginning, but I get so confused I just end up quitting.”

“We always talk about Jesus…did He live at the same time as Abraham and Moses? I don’t quite understand when people lived.”

“Why do we read the Old Testament if we have Jesus and the New Testament now?

These are some of the comments heard most among church-goers, comments which often lead to people stop reading their Bibles altogether. But what if we could help answer the questions and supply training to jumpstart a life of Scripture study? We would never tire of reading the love letter God has given to us through His Word!

SprintThumbEnter Sprint Through the Bible. The Sprint Through the Bible series is a 12-week chronological overview of the Bible. There are two facets to Sprint Through the Bible. First, a workbook providing daily readings and review questions guides individuals through the timeline and themes of the Bible, ultimately connecting everything to the plan of God fulfilled in Jesus Christ. Second, weekly sermons help piece together the flow of biblical events, reinforcing the study occurring throughout the week. Each week the sermon will be added to the bottom of this webpage and linked to from Unity Church’s Facebook page also.

The Sprint Through the Bible workbook is available in several formats. Hardcopies are available at the church. You can also download the workbook for various devices using the following links:

PDF: For printing at home or for use with computers, phones and tablets.

iBooks (iPhone edition): For use with Apple iPhones

iBooks (iPad and Mac edition): For use with Apple iPads and Macs

Kindle: For use with Amazon Kindle devices and apps

EPub: For use with eReaders (non-Kindle)

TIP: Want to increase the experience and stay motivated? Consider inviting a friend to journey through the workbook with you, meeting weekly to read and reflect on what the Lord is teaching you.

Unity Church will begin the Sprint Through the Bible series on Sunday, May 10th. Get the workbook and pray about a commitment to complete the daily readings and review questions.

Ready? Set? Go!

Download Sermons


To download a sermon, control-click (Mac) or right-click (Windows) and choose to download/save-as the linked MP3 file.

  • Sprint Sermon #1: Creator: The Bible doesn’t begin with creation as many suppose. Listen to hear what Scripture has to say instead… (May 10, 2015 | Jason Hudson)
  • Sprint Sermon #2: Sin and Death: Scripture’s brutally honest assessment of the world’s #1 problem: You. (May 17, 2015 | Jason Hudson)
  • Sprint Sermon #3: Covenant: There is nothing you can do to be saved. Nothing. Thankfully God reconciles us through a covenant relationship in Christ. (May 24, 2015 | Jason Hudson)
  • Sprint Sermon #4: Law: Do do do do do do do do just ends up being, well, do do. (June 7, 2015 | Jason Hudson)
  • Sprint Sermon #5: King of Kings: Foretold, fulfilled and forever undefeated…best to be a loyal subject of Jesus in His Kingdom. (June 14, 2015 | Jason Hudson)
  • Sprint Sermon #6: Idolatry: Theses are a few of my favorite things. It just so happens none of them are God. (June 21, 2015 | Jason Hudson)
  • Sprint Sermon #7: Exile and Rebuild: How did the Holy God of steadfast love deal with His people when they ignored His Word and played the whore with the world? We best not ignore Him again. (June 28, 2015 | Jason Hudson)
  • Sprint Sermon #8: Incarnation: We sinned. We’re going to die. Couldn’t help ourselves. God came as a man. Died in our place. Merry Christmas! (July 5, 2015 | Jason Hudson)
  • Sprint Sermon #9: Ministry: The paradox of absolute power and humble service at work through Jesus: Demons cast out, sickness rebuked, and souls eternally healed. (July 12, 2015 | Jason Hudson)
  • Sprint Sermon #10: Sacrifice: Ever wanted to eat out of a bowl that had been full of manure? Neither does God. Only Jesus’ blood is 100% antibacterial. (July 19, 2015 | Jason Hudson)
  • Sprint Sermon #11: Resurrection: When Jesus extends His peace through His sacrificial death, what is your proof of purchase? Christ’s power over the grave now at work in you. (July 26, 2015 | Jason Hudson)
  • Sprint Sermon #12: The Church: Scripture says Jesus Christ created everything by His Word. In the present age, Jesus also creates something new by the power of the Good News: The Church. (August 2, 2015 | Jason Hudson)
  • Sprint Sermon #13: Second Coming: Jesus says He’s coming soon, and the current labor pains of the world prove it. Come, Lord! Come! (August 9, 2015 | Jason Hudson)
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