Christianese – Anointing Oil

The preacher at our fall revival used anointing oil with prayer for healing on the last night. Immediately people begain asking the questions: What is anointing oil? What is anointing oil used for? Is it magical? Should I have some put on me when I pray at the altar?

This sermon on Anointing Oil biblically grounds everything in Jesus. That is, our prayers must not be combined with placing our faith in an oil but the oil representing our faith in the One who by His Spirit works so mightily in our lives because He loves us dearly.

(PS – Yes, the revival preacher did use the anointing oil correctly and had asked permission from Pastor Jason before the service.)

Christianese Sermon Series Slide Anointing Oil

Christianese is a sermon series tackling some of the churchy words and actions we use in our worship and everyday lives. The goal is to ground our understanding in Scripture in order to obediently live by healthy doctrine to the glory of God. As a result, our Christian living will be just that: Christian rather than a godless subculture of language and routine.

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